In Caera, kingdoms rose from the ashes below to compete against other kingdoms to show whose civilization is the strongest. Here, is a list of canon kingdoms in Pillars of Caera. This major kingdoms are known as the Knightly Kingdoms.

Knightly Kingdoms Edit

Reyvadin [R]

Shingen Khanate [ShK]

Reich Federation [RF]

Verghan Nation [V]

Heldenburg [H]

Bloodwater Clan [BlC]

Choran Sultanate [CS]

Minor factions/non-Knightly factions Edit

There are a few factions that are least known in the land of Caera and most of them are not Knightly ones. Here are a few factions.

Romarian Empire a.k.a Romaria [RE]

Scarrak [S]

Varen Pirates [VPr]

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