Heldenburg, founded by runaway citizens from the nation of Verghan. Heldenburg now becomes one of Caera's most powerful forces and still struggling to show which kingdom is the strongest. Currently ruled by Lord Cassius.

Lord Helden's Journal Edit

(Lord Helden is the one who lead the thousand runaways to Caera and determined to start an empire of their own to rebel Vergha)

Day 1: We had arrived at the shores of, an unknown place. Seems beautiful outside but we haven't explored its land yet. Some of the ones that followed us said this is Caera, a land that is yet to be discovered.

Day 2: Ecountered a few bandits around the mountains. Although I myself was a hunter, the people who followed me were not hunters. They were normal men. Luckily some of us are prisoners of war, trained to face the worst the world had to offer.

Day 3: Attacked the bandit's lair and took everything they had, weapons, food, armor and shelter. Then we took off to find a place we can make a new civilization.

Day 4: Still haven't found a suitable place just yet. Food supplies will last for about 30 days, trained some of the untrained to be hunters. Everything is quite fine.

Day 5: Knights, we saw knights. We were afraid if they were Verghan Knights. Apparently they were not, our clan lived to see another day.

Day 6: Found a place suitable for us to start a new civilization, the people gave me the honor to name this brave new civilization. And thus, we are the foundation of Heldenburg. The knights we saw yesterday stumbled upon us and gave us compassion, they offered us a town to keep and raise our clan.

Heldenburg's Monarchs Edit

Heldenburg had been governed by many kings and queens since their arrival in Year 210. Some of which are direct descendants of Lord Helden, the first Heldenburg king. Here is the list:

Lord Helden (210-240)

Lord Drachii (242-254)

Lord Harkha (255-267)

Lord Fallaheim (268-279)

Lord Jövar (280-285)

Lord Rogandorl (285-322)

Lord Cassius (322-current, succeeded Rogandorl as a child)

Military Organizations Edit

As a kingdom that had been founded by a professional hunter, most of Heldenburg's forces are skilled archers and trackers. Making them the nation/kingdom of hunters. But, their knights had been trained to use a sword and a bow.

Artemian Brotherhood: The very first Brotherhood that mostly consisted of archers. They are well-trained, and knights are became their shock troops. Footman Knights are common in Heldenburg. But these Knights had great tracking skills.

Draconian Enginarus: This organization becomes Heldenburg's backbone in warfare. The Enginarii (members of this Brotherhood) constructed machines that could bring any kingdom down. Such as the Alharm machine, a two-legged walking machine with a cannon as its weapon. But most of their machine are vulnerable to fire.

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