Luthor Castellan is a king in Reyvadin. He was King Graveth's true son and a brother to the adopted Lucius Sigmar.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

As a child to King Graveth her mother, Queen Eliza treated him very good and kindly. But at the age of 5 Queen Eliza died of a sudden fever and Reyvadin mourned for 3 days. King Graveth felt sad for him and Luthor since both of them had a very close bond. Luthor, at the age of 16 decided to become a knight. Graveth forbid him of becoming a knight but Luthor still wanting to be one. Graveth cannot reject him but to grant Luthor's wish, under one condition. He must be trained by King Graveth himself.

Early adulthood Edit

Luthor had involved in many war campaigns alongside his father and his adopted brother, Lucius Sigmar. During the years of growing, he wanted to know more about Caera. So he patrolled the nearby castles and ambushed by a significant amount of enemies. Mortally wounded, he was brought to Triarii Castle to be treated by the apothecaries there. Instead, someone took care of him. Someone of a highly ranked person, nearly similar to his. Lady Edena took care of his wounds and treated him alongside her Templaric Nuns companions. As a result, Luthor fell in love in her and so did Lady Edena. Years later, they were bethrothed to each other.

Civil Wars Edit

The time had come when Heldenburg declared war against Reyvadin. This time it was Lord Kastor, the claimant of Heldenburg declared it. The council discussed what should they do, attack Heldenburg or offer a peace agreement before any battle had begun. King Graeth knows Kastor isn't a person who wants to talk through words, but through the blade of his sword. He ordered Luthor and Lucius to defend Uriel's pass together. At Uriel's Pass Lucius betrayed Reyvadin by attacking Luthor's medium-sized forces, Lucius had secretly pledged his allegiance to Heldenburg and joined Kastor. As a result, Luthor was mortally wounded and knocked unconcious. Pressumed dead, Lucius left him behind and went to King Graveth, killing him while they were both dining. Days had passed, Luthor had been recovered from his injuries and felt the burning rage inside him. He wanted redemption, or better, revenge. Words reached his ears that Lucius was now the king of Reyvadin. Enrage, Luthor travelled to Ciren to take Lady Edena away to safety before raising some more men to battle. Months had passed, Luthor besieged Vallenheim and redeemed his place as the true successor to the throne. His son, Leon Maximus Castellan succeeded him after 15 years of ruling.

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