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Welcome adventurer to the lands of Caera, where hunters, bandits and deserters are common. Where war is frequent and the chance for seeking peace is scarce.

"Bound Not By Blood, But By The Sword"Edit

In Caera, all soldiers and even mercenaries believed that "They are siblings not bound by blood, but by the sword they wield". Leading to the quote by Francois Lenelon, "All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers,"

Also in Caera, the knights are each kingdom's main units, either mounted or not. Some kingdoms were inspired by real life knights, such as the kingdom of Reyvadin which was directly inspired from medieval knights. The kingdoms; Shingen Khanate and the Reich Federation have a samurai inspired knights (Shinken Bearers) and Teutonic Knights inspired knights (Reich Noblemen)

What's Unique Edit

In this original universe of Caera, there are no magic. Literally. But gunpowder, machinery and sheer strength in numbers all exists. Why don't you explore this wikia by finding out about the Caeran Kingdoms and its Religions in Caera

Minor factions Edit

Caera had also a few minor factions such as the Scarrak, Romaria/Romarian Empire and the Varen Pirates.

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  • Pillars of Caera was officially announced and under construction.
  • Pillars of Caera released its first play-by-post roleplaying game, Brotherhood of Iron. At

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