There are religions in the world of Caera. Each kingdom had its own religion. Do bear in mind that all of it are fictional, with the exception of Reyvadin's main religion.

Christianity Edit

Christianity exists in this fictional world and it is the main religion of the Kingdom of Reyvadin. I do not have to explain too much about this because you might already know what Christianity is. Christianity is a religion that believes in only one God, that He Himself created all things on earth. The Imperial Knights of Reyvadin believed that everything He created must be protected from anyone who had evil intentions.

Followers of the Old God Edit

Many believed the Old God, or called as Urthura by its followers. The followers believed that the Old God creates everything with the help of his Chosen Ones, who helped him to shape the world and create everything in it. The Followers of the Old God worshipped Urthura in monasteries or a shrine dedicated to him. This is the Verghan Nation's main religion.

Order of the Griffin Edit

This religion do not actually worship a deity griffin, no. The followers of this religion believed that a warrior known as Sigilius was borned in their one of their tribes and united all of them as one. Sigilius earned the title 'Griffin Lord' during a battle between the united tribes and the invading forces of barbarians from the mountains. Years later, Sigilius died and some man made Sigilius as their founder and deity. Becoming the Order of the Griffin. The main religion of the Bloodwater Clan

Artherian Cult Edit

Heldenburg's religion. Artheria was thought to be the one who taught their first king, Lord Helden the ways of a hunter. Although this was not true. Artheria was the mistress of archery and hunting, making a suitable 'role-model' to all hunters, archers and hunter-like knights.

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